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Sweet cheeck and December lambs

Now lets be frank, winter is hard in Iowa. Especially when you live in the booneys like me. Yes, the snow can be pretty for a day or so after you have a fresh blanket of it but then it just gets dirty and then all you really think about is how bitterly cold it is and how you would love to run errands without your big bulking winter coat and just carry your baby into a store instead of hauling around the massive carrier which now weighs over 27 lbs! I will say this, Sweet Cheeks is really warm in that lined carrier, so totally worth it! It's just easy to get blue in the weather, plain and simple. The short term solution, would be to take a winter getaway you say, well there are several reasons I drag my feet at that solutions. First and foremost, we would have to fly and since I am a crazy new Mom I just don't want to expose my Sweet Cheeks to the germs filtering through out that plane!  Think about it, everyone I know who goes on a winter vacation comes back sick or has a horrible cold shortly after getting home! Yes, I know she needs to be exposed to these germs but...........
Secondly the reason we won't be traveling to a warm destination is, for 3 years we have been remodeling the Seelow Estate. Thankfully, for the final phase we took the expensive route. Hiring an amazing contractor. Now we've hired contractor through out the way, but not one of this caliber. As of now I can honestly say its worth it. More to come on this!
But for now, here are some adorable pictures of our December lambs.
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Hello from snowy Iowa

We've just launched our new website and are excited that you're here.  It's cold and snowy where we're at...oh, Iowa.


So we're spending our days creating the best store we can and running our current store on etsy.  Just to tell you a little bit about us we are two sisters and work-from-home mom's who live in rural Iowa.  We each have one wonderful child (so far) and loving husbands who work in the agriculture industry (that means corn, soybeans and livestock).  Between both of our families we have rambouillet sheep, chickens, honeybees and a menagerie of dogs.  Please come back and visit us again!





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