Spring has finally started to show her face around Central Iowa and we are thankful!  

We've had a few rainy days and that has quickly brought the grass back to life and there are buds on all of our trees.  Only a few daffodils and tulips are blooming but there's the wonderful promise of more to come.  Spring also means adding a new colony of bees (we lost one this winter), outdoor house projects, and more walks. 

A quick picnic lunch on the dock at Gray's Lake in Des Moines with my favorite little man.


We built two new raised bed gardens last week and are anxiously awaiting our potatoes to arrive from Seed Savers Exchange.  We'll put our lettuce and kale in at the same time but then wait until mid-May before we plant everything else in the garden.  Do you see all that beautiful black dirt (and chicken manure) just waiting to be filled with tomatoes and peppers?!?


And, of course there was Easter.  We went to our church's play on Saturday evening and really enjoyed it.  Both my family and Adam's family came with us.  On Sunday we celebrated with my family and after lunch the kids had an Easter egg hunt. Candy, candy, candy.  We left some of it at Grandma & Grandpa's house and then Adam took some to share with his co-workers because we do NOT need that much candy sitting around our house.  Grandma also made a special bunny cake for all of us.  She's super talented!