A smile

Hey friends,

I don't know what to write about.  This is difficult stuff.  But I also think it's good for me to write a bit.  I used to enjoy writing but I haven't done it in quite a while.

I have the sweetest little baby girl.  She smiles at me and it makes me so happy.  She'll start crying and then I'll come check on her and she will just flash the biggest smile.  I love that stuff.  It reminds me how much a smile can lift up and encourage someone else.  I would like to encourage other people more often just by giving a smile, even when there's not a reason for it.  I should start with my husband.  I think I'll try to give him more smiles and fewer scowls. 



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Hello Again

Hey Friends,

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted.  Sometimes I just don't know what to say so I don't say anything at all (plus I had a baby...).  I'm new to this whole "blog" thing so I'm still trying to find my voice here.  Let's just do a little reintroduction:

First, let's talk about my peeps!  I have a wonderful (and might I say, very handsome) husband and two kiddos (3 year old and a newborn).  My honey gets to work from home regularly because he does a lot of writing and editing for his job.  We live on a beeeautiful acreage with old oak trees, a creek and tall grass but it came with an old, run down house that the sellers had to literally call the wrecking crew back and cancel it's demolition when we bought it.  That was more years ago than I would like to admit and we're still working on it.  So, we're night and weekend DIY'ers.  We frame, wire, plumb, tile, paint, pour concrete, refinish wood, drywall (not very well though...), install shingles, windows, doors, trim and everything in between.  And by "we" I mean my husband, mostly.  I mean we've done a lot of it together but he does most of it.  We used to do more of it together but since having kids I usually do the kid watching thing while he does the house thing.  So, I might throw some house project pictures and posts onto this blog since there's one always going on.  We just struggle to get them all the way finished.  We're the 90% done kind of DIY-ers. That last 10% is really hard to finish...  

Bathroom Remodel

Our current projects are installing a bathroom in our basement (see that lovely noir travertine in the photo above!!) and putting fiber cement siding on before the winter hits.  We've done the siding in stages, so most of the house is already done but we have one side left and that's what we're hoping to get done this fall.  


What else???  We enjoy being outside and gardening/hobby farming.  We have bees and chickens and a siberian husky.  We also enjoy running and hiking, coffee, not having a TV, reading, and spending time with our families but probably the most important thing about me/us is Jesus Christ.  He is the Center of our world and His Word is filter through which we look at all things.  

I also enjoy decorating.  And hosting people.  And planning parties.  I used to work in catering and did that kinda stuff a lot.  Basically I'm a sucker for pinterest and all it's visual eye candy but can't actually live up to it all :)

I guess that's enough of an introduction for today.  I hope you'll come back and see us again. 







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1st Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Sweet Cheek's first birthday with friends and family and had such a fun time.  It was a nice evening of laughter, good food and plenty of cake.  

Check out the tissue paper fringe garland we made (very easy) and chalkboard paper backdrop...all using some simple supplies from our shop.  I wrote "Bon Appetit" on it with a white paint marker and laid some more chalkboard paper on the table to label the food and drinks.





Now I know she looks a little hesitant here but it did not take long for her to warm up to the idea of a party and cake!! 



Can you see the concentration going on there?  She's obviously enjoying this birthday party thing!  

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Our first family vacation...

Hey friends,

Here are a few pictures from our recent family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We had a really nice time on our first solo family vacay.   We stopped at the Badlands National Park and that was a great place to hike with a two year old.  It was challenging enough for all of us to enjoy it but not too challenging for our little man to handle. 


We took several different trails at Badlands and each one was great!



Since we had such success hiking with a a two year old in Badlands we decided to be ambitious and try hiking a longer and more difficult trail when we went to Custer State Park...i.e. Harney Peak.  It was a roundtrip hike of about 7 miles and "moderately difficult".  We started out with our wonderful BOB stroller and made it quite a distance with that but eventually it became too rocky and steep to continue on with it.  So we hid it in the woods beside the trail and had Peanut walk, but he alternated between being absolutely fascinated with every twig, rock or leaf and complaining bitterly about his feet being tired.  Adam and I couldn't decide which was worse, trying to coax him to keep walking and listening to him complain or carrying him up the mountain.  We eventually ended up carrying him the last half mile or so.  When we reached Harney Peak it was almost noon so we had a picnic lunch (kinda...if raisins and granola bars count as lunch) and explored for a bit.  Then we started back down the trail but quickly realized that Peanut had hit the end of his energy reserves and was on his way to nap time.  Nap time!  So someone had to be carried, asleep, down the mountain.  That was fun.  Some parts of the trail are pretty rocky and rough so it was quite the endeavor to carry our son down the trail.  We each took turns carrying him.  I'd carry him until my arms would start to shake and then Adam would take over, and admittedly Adam did most of the carrying.  We grabbed the stroller where we had left it in the woods and then I pushed it while Adam carried until we got to parts of the trail that were smooth enough to put a sleeping toddler into it.  By the end of the hike I was exhausted and Peanut was feeling quite refreshed from his nap.  Adam was the glue that held everything together.  Goodness knows we needed that!


We also did less ambitious things like visiting Mount Rushmore.  


Overall it was a wonderful vacation and we had lots of fun together!










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New Items Coming Soon!

Hey friends! 

We're very excited to announce that we'll be adding more products soon.  We have honeycomb diamonds here and are just working on getting some pictures taken of them before we add them to the shop.  We're also adding more colors and sizes of our paper fans and honeycomb balls!  Yippee for summer parties and weddings!  

Next month we'll be celebrating my niece, Sweet Cheek's first birthday and we'll definitely be using all of these wonderful new products for that.  We'll post pictures (of the party and products) as soon as we can so check back often.



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Spring has finally started to show her face around Central Iowa and we are thankful!  

We've had a few rainy days and that has quickly brought the grass back to life and there are buds on all of our trees.  Only a few daffodils and tulips are blooming but there's the wonderful promise of more to come.  Spring also means adding a new colony of bees (we lost one this winter), outdoor house projects, and more walks. 

A quick picnic lunch on the dock at Gray's Lake in Des Moines with my favorite little man.


We built two new raised bed gardens last week and are anxiously awaiting our potatoes to arrive from Seed Savers Exchange.  We'll put our lettuce and kale in at the same time but then wait until mid-May before we plant everything else in the garden.  Do you see all that beautiful black dirt (and chicken manure) just waiting to be filled with tomatoes and peppers?!?


And, of course there was Easter.  We went to our church's play on Saturday evening and really enjoyed it.  Both my family and Adam's family came with us.  On Sunday we celebrated with my family and after lunch the kids had an Easter egg hunt. Candy, candy, candy.  We left some of it at Grandma & Grandpa's house and then Adam took some to share with his co-workers because we do NOT need that much candy sitting around our house.  Grandma also made a special bunny cake for all of us.  She's super talented!







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Sweet cheeck and December lambs

Now lets be frank, winter is hard in Iowa. Especially when you live in the booneys like me. Yes, the snow can be pretty for a day or so after you have a fresh blanket of it but then it just gets dirty and then all you really think about is how bitterly cold it is and how you would love to run errands without your big bulking winter coat and just carry your baby into a store instead of hauling around the massive carrier which now weighs over 27 lbs! I will say this, Sweet Cheeks is really warm in that lined carrier, so totally worth it! It's just easy to get blue in the weather, plain and simple. The short term solution, would be to take a winter getaway you say, well there are several reasons I drag my feet at that solutions. First and foremost, we would have to fly and since I am a crazy new Mom I just don't want to expose my Sweet Cheeks to the germs filtering through out that plane!  Think about it, everyone I know who goes on a winter vacation comes back sick or has a horrible cold shortly after getting home! Yes, I know she needs to be exposed to these germs but...........
Secondly the reason we won't be traveling to a warm destination is, for 3 years we have been remodeling the Seelow Estate. Thankfully, for the final phase we took the expensive route. Hiring an amazing contractor. Now we've hired contractor through out the way, but not one of this caliber. As of now I can honestly say its worth it. More to come on this!
But for now, here are some adorable pictures of our December lambs.
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Hello from snowy Iowa

We've just launched our new website and are excited that you're here.  It's cold and snowy where we're at...oh, Iowa.


So we're spending our days creating the best store we can and running our current store on etsy.  Just to tell you a little bit about us we are two sisters and work-from-home mom's who live in rural Iowa.  We each have one wonderful child (so far) and loving husbands who work in the agriculture industry (that means corn, soybeans and livestock).  Between both of our families we have rambouillet sheep, chickens, honeybees and a menagerie of dogs.  Please come back and visit us again!





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